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Wellness & Stress Reduction Groups


Less Arthritic Pain
Better Balance 


Emotional Regulation
For Students

Harmony & Health for All Ages:

Brian's Tai-Chi-Gong Can Help
Ease Pain, Reduce Meds, Enhance Emotional Balance

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Holistic Wellness events & group Tai chi for healing.




We believe in "WOWING" whoever we serve! We customize amazing, engaging presentations to help participants FEEL, LAUGH, HEAL or CHILL. Imagine high-value group Meditation, Tai-Chi Gentle Movement, professional development  and a dash of humor that offers immediate relief from physical or emotional stress. Our unique holistic approaches are great for your retreats, weddings, school programs, conferences, and family or friend's events. Watch some of our video clips, Google us to see our outreach and innovation, then call Brian at (708) 269-0231 to customize something special.        

Programs & Instruction: 
1. Nature's Healing Tai-Chi-Gong group coaching.
    *Chronic pain relief such as: Arthritis, neuropathy, knee or back pain.
2. Professional Development for teaching staff:

     *Stress release, emotional balance & harmony in your classroom.
3. Social-Emotional regulation for students.
4. Self-Defense for employees.
5. Simple Meditation the Qigong Way.
6. Amazing Tai-Chi-Gong for family & friends
7. Tai-Chi-Gong presentations, motivational speaking, retreats & events.

Breathe, Relax, Feel the Earth

"Welcome everyone, I'm Brian, Founder-Chief Wellness Innovator, Behavioral Health & Tai-Chi-Gong Wellness Specialist for BNEW4LIFE Events & Presentations. Over 32 years of study has led to our AMAZING, "Nature's Tai-Chi-Gong Feel, Laugh & Heal." It's an integrated, revised and results-oriented system of specific breathing, mini-meditations, and gentle movements for your audience.  Yes, we have fun as well. We harness ancient and innovative healing methods that address most chronic and emotional illnesses without purchasing an elixir. Just invite us to your event, conference, wedding or program and we'll gladly do the rest.  To support you, we provide in-person and virtual sessions that frequently yield remarkable results. I tell any doubters, "If you don't believe me, Google BNEW4LIFE, LLC then call (708) 269-0231 to discuss your needs." I'm looking forward to meeting you. Let's get started!


 Dynamic, Inspirational Pain and Stress Management Specialist, Speaker, Healer

Welcome to BNEW4LIFE, formerly BFITBNEW4LIFE, where we engage all clients from children through seniors. Our mission is to help you BNEW and bring you into Balance with Nature, Energy & Wellness. You don't have to be held hostage to sciatica, fibromylagia, neuropathy, arthritic pain in your hands, back or knees, breathing or balance issues, emotional imbalances or trauma symptoms. We're blessed and invested to do the innovative healing work of Nature's healing through our Tai-Chi-Gong methods. Together we can help you achieve better wellness results for you or your group. We provide in-person or on-line support starting with one call. (708) 269-0231 Let's go!